Applied Lipidomics Investigation

APLIPID® is a biotechnology startup for LIPIDOMIC STUDIES (Sarl registered in Paris, RCS 520734112) serving as an interface between industrial end-users and the facilities located in the laboratory at "Faculte de Medecine P et M Curie". APLIPID® offers the variety of services (GC-MS and LC-MS equipments, biostatistics and expertise with medical/pharmaceutical consulting) required to investigate LIPID METABOLISM. The particular capability of APLIPID® is pre-analytical consulting and post-analytical processing of the large data-batch to extract RELEVANT BIOMARKERS comprised in the "lipidome". Nutritional studies and screening of drug candidates in model animal are conducted with GC- and MS2-based lipidomics studies commissioned to APLIPID®.

The figure below shows the separation of 2 liver lipidomes of mice given a high-fat diet based (7 pertinent biomarkers were sorted out in 85 molecular species). 


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